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Painted Voyages

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On this journey for 6 years, my work has grown in versatility. As an animator, illustrator, graphic designer, public speaker videographer and writer I have gained exceptional skills that have lead me to exceptional experiences. Please peruse at your leisure. 




Character Composition & Graphic Design Work

Featured Showcase

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I Draw Commissions for YOU!

What I draw

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Fan Art

Just ask! If the work involves implementing a different style, just ask. I can draw Disney, Anime, live actors and more. And if you enjoy having me draw your favorite character in my style, great!

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Character Sheets

Have a character you really want to get to  know? You can request to turnaround sheets, costume design, emotion charts or even have them featured in a short comic!

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You can request anything from a sketch of an original character, polished line work, full color drawings and even have multiple characters interacting.


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